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31 December 2021 

Workplace Giving - Employees donated over $650 to our charitable fund via Workplace Giving in December. #Create a positive environment or social impact

20 December 2021

Complaints Process - Our complaints and whistleblowing processes are now available in 13 different languages on our contact us page. #Transparent and genuine

17 December 2021

Volunteering - During December, 36 Netwealth employees participated in our volunteering project with Food Bank. Across 4 groups we spent 216 hours volunteering and contributed 56,349 meals to thousands of families across Australia. #Create a positive environment or social impact

15 December 2021

Bake Sale - We held a bake sale in our office and raised over $400 for the Netwealth Impact Fund. #Create a positive environment or social impact

4 December 2021

Volunteering - 11 Netwealth employees undertook 44 hours of volunteer work at the Cancer Council's "Walking Stars" event in the Melbourne CBD. #Create a positive environment or social impact


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Performance tracking

Netwealth are open and transparent in reporting the progress we have made towards reaching our goals. View our Annual Corporate Sustainability Report and our latest progress report which we update regularly.


Annual Corporate Sustainability Report - Financial Year 2021

Our Annual Corporate Sustainability Report outlines Netwealth’s corporate sustainability strategy, framework, and goals for the next year. It also highlights the steps taken in the past financial year to achieve the previous year’s goals.

Corporate Sustainability Report

Corporate Sustainability Progress Report - 30 September 2021

Our Progress Report demonstrates the steps we have taken in the past quarter to achieve our corporate sustainability goals as outlined in our Corporate Sustainability Report.

CSR Progress Report September 2021

Improving financial literacy in schools

Netwealth and Banqer bringing Financial education to life

We are involved in your world. We care about the community and support local organisations. In schools we support financial literacy, helping our younger Australians also see wealth differently.



We sponsor financial education for up to 15,000 Australian children.

We bring a financial literacy program to 467 Australian classrooms.

We sponsor financial education to 308 schools nationally each year.

We saw 25% new web visitors to the Banqer site and platform.

Banqer is a virtual classroom economy created where kids can learn to earn, save, spend and invest their money in a safe and engaging way.

Banqer has a number of learning modules, including bank accounts, income, interest on savings, superannuation, taxation, real estate and insurance.



Refer Banqer to a teacher now!

Subscription is free to Australian kids through Netwealth’s partnership with Banqer.